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Soho Christmas Lights 2023

Capturing Magic, Soho Kids Xmas Lights Project - A Night Street Photographer's Journey Through Soho's Enchanting Christmas Lights

I had the privilege to photograph a truly enchanting project in the heart of Soho, London, showcasing the magic of the season through the lens of my camera. Soho is my creative playground, where I capture the dynamic essence of the city, especially in its neon-lit splendour—perfect for my signature cyberpunk photography.

As a night street photographer, my craft relies on the ambient lights provided by the cityscape, and I deeply appreciate the additional luminosity that projects like the Soho Kids Xmas Lights bring to the streets I love photographing the most. Soho, with its neon-lit allure, has always been my preferred canvas, and this project provided a unique opportunity to enhance the visual tapestry I seek to capture.

I focused my lens on the Soho Kids Xmas Lights project, where I played the role of the official photographer. Guided by the visionary architect Antonio Capelao, the children of Soho Parish School became designers, bringing their imaginations to life through hand-drawn Christmas light installations. From whimsical snowmen to graceful reindeer, each piece reflects the innocence and creativity of the young minds behind the designs.

Through my lens, I documented the 51 luminous panels (2 commissioned pieces) that turned Soho's streets into a festive wonderland. This project was not just about capturing lights on the streets; but a celebration of community spirit and the unique charm of Soho.

My focus was on preserving the joy and creativity that these young designers brought to the streets of Soho. The judging panel, featuring The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), The National Gallery, Shaftesbury, Archer Street Bar, Randall & Aubun, Sophie’s Steakhouse, the LIA, Cardiff University and Soho Ward Councillors, recognized the importance of capturing this moment.

In this blog post, I invite you to explore the symbiosis between the Soho Christmas Lights project and my role as a night street photographer. The additional luminosity provided by this initiative not only brightened the festive season for the community but also illuminated the streets I hold dear, allowing me to capture the magic of Soho in a whole new light.

A huge thank you to Antonio Capelao, for not only illuminating the streets of Soho but also illuminating my craft with this incredible opportunity. Here's to many more shared endeavours that brighten the streets and the lenses that capture their essence.

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