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Valiszka Photography

I am a photographer who specializes in creating cyberpunk inspired fine art photograps following the vision of the legendary 80s film, Blade Runner.

In my photography, I aim to capture the true essence of the cyberpunk genre, showcasing a futuristic world that is both gritty and visually mesmerizing. By employing neon lights, reflective surfaces, and dramatic shadows, I bring to life a sense of urban decay and dystopia, while also emphasizing the high-tech aspect of cyberpunk through the integration of advanced technology.

My subjects in these portraits often embody a weathered and worn appearance, conveying the impression that they have endured life in this world for an extended period. 

My work pays homage to the Blade Runner film by featuring rain-soaked streets, towering skyscrapers, and a palpable feeling of isolation and detachment. 

Through my images, I offer a glimpse into a world that is simultaneously fascinating and terrifying, presenting the potential and dangers of a future shaped by advanced technology and societal decline.

I love visiting urban locations in chaotic cities such as London or Kathmandu. 

Banksy Tunnel 2023
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