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About Valiszka

I am a photographer who strongly believes that photography is not just about capturing images, but about preserving emotions and feelings within each frame. My passion for photography bloomed at a very young age, influenced by my mother, a hobbyist photographer, who nurtured my skills while growing up in Hungary.

When I turned 21, I moved to London, where I pursued my interest in Journalism and Media at Birkbeck, University of London. Later, I also obtained an MSc in Marketing from the same university. Over the past decade, I've delved into the world of social media marketing, producing captivating digital content and applying my creative flair.

In 2011, I had the opportunity to work as a music journalist for a culture and lifestyle magazine. It was during this time that I started integrating my photographs with my writing. However, it wasn't until 2017 that I began to receive requests for street portraits, marking the beginning of my journey as a professional photographer. 

My signature style, characterised by its provocative, high-contrast, and moody aesthetic, rapidly garnered attention online and earned features in various reputable publications such as Bored Panda, LovinMalta, Southbank, Urban Romantix, My Darling London, Visit London, and Sony Portraits. My photography style draws inspiration from post-apocalyptic cinematography and the works of artists like Edward Hopper. Often, my images have been likened to the iconic 80s cyberpunk movie, Blade Runner. In 2019, my "Graffiti Tunnel Shot" became widely recognized as the most prominent photo of the 'Banksy Tunnel' in London, leading to comparisons with the elusive street artist.

The uniqueness and rawness of my style have not only attracted the attention of fellow professional photographers with years of experience but have also opened doors for me to conduct street photography masterclasses for Wex Photo and Video. Sharing my cutting-edge techniques with other photographers is truly rewarding. Furthermore, I've had the privilege of guest lecturing at the University of Roehampton, where I teach my own distinctive vision to Master's students. As of 2024 I started teaching at the London School of Photography.

In my career, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with well-known brands like Jagermeister and Adobe, Moreover, my work has been exhibited in various locations, including Malta, London, and Tokyo.

Photography for me is a journey of emotions and connections. Every photograph I take tells a story and expresses a moment frozen in time, forever capturing the essence of the world around us. I feel immensely fortunate to have turned my passion into a profession, and I am eager to continue pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling in the years to come.


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