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6 Tips for the Best Neon Night Portrait Photography

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Neon lights, the bustling streets of London, and edgy portraits - this combination makes for some stunning and unforgettable night portrait photography. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started in portrait photography, these 5 tips will help you capture the best neon night portraits in the vibrant city of London.

night neon portrait photoshoot in london soho

1. Build a Connection

When it comes to portrait photography in London, one of the most crucial elements is building a genuine connection with your subject. After all, you're not just photographing people; you're capturing the connection you share with them. Start by having a conversation with your clients before the shoot. Discuss their expectations, preferred style, and clothing choices. Take the time to get to know them on a personal level. Invite them for coffee before the shoot, spend at least 30 minutes chatting, and understanding their personality. This connection will shine through in your photos, resulting in more authentic and emotive portraits.

2. Know Your Way Around the City

For street portraits in London, you need to be intimately familiar with the city's nooks and crannies. Time is of the essence, and you don't want to waste it searching for the perfect spot. Before your neon night portrait session, scout out locations with exciting neon lights. Plan your route, so you can effortlessly move from one spot to another. Knowing your way around ensures you can make the most of your limited time with the neon lights.

3. Respect and Comfort

Creating the perfect London neon portrait isn't just about finding the right backdrop; it's about making your subject feel comfortable and respected. Always check in with your subject to ensure they're at ease with the location, the situation, and their pose. An uncomfortable subject won't yield great photos, so take the time to put them at ease, build their confidence, and let their personality shine.

night neon portrait photoshoot in london soho with sara nisha

4. Crack a Joke for a Genuine Smile

A genuine smile can elevate a portrait from good to exceptional. To capture that real, unguarded smile, get to know your subject. Have a mental folder of different jokes for different situations. Humour is a universal ice-breaker, and it can help your subject relax and show their true self in front of the camera. While you may not be a stand-up comedian, practice and experience will help you develop your repertoire of jokes and witty remarks.

night neon portrait photoshoot in london soho

5. Focus on the Eyes

In portrait photography, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Make them the central focal point of your neon night portraits. Compose your shots to emphasise the subject's eyes, drawing the viewer's attention to their captivating gaze. Consider using background blur techniques to place even more emphasis on the subject's facial features and, most importantly, their expressive eyes.

6. Bring Props for the Shoot

To take your London neon night portrait photography to the next level, consider bringing props to enhance the visual storytelling in your shots. Don't rely solely on your clients to provide everything; instead, come prepared with a selection of props that can transform an ordinary portrait into something extraordinary.

Whether it's a simple kimono, a pair of PVC gloves, a stylish parasol, or some LED masks, props can add a unique dimension to your portraits. These accessories can complement your subject's outfits, create striking contrasts with the neon lights, and infuse creativity into your compositions. Having a well-curated collection of props ready for the shoot demonstrates your commitment to producing exceptional portraits and ensures that you're prepared for any creative direction that may arise during the session.

soho london cyberpunk photoshoot urban geisha

In conclusion, London neon night portrait photography is all about connecting with your subjects, knowing your city, and capturing the essence of your subjects under the dazzling neon lights. With these five tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to creating edgy and captivating portraits that showcase both the beauty of your subjects and the vibrant atmosphere of London's nightlife. So, grab your camera, explore the city, and let the neon lights guide your creative vision.

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