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Edgy, Night, Neon Portrait Photoshoot in London Chinatown and Soho

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Are you searching for a photography experience that can transport you to the mesmerising realm of 80's cyberpunk films, akin to Blade Runner? Look no further! I don't just take photos; I create cinematic moments that encapsulate a version of you that's nothing short of iconic. Whether you want to channel your inner rockstar or capture your unique essence, I collaborate with you to craft an unforgettable experience you'll treasure for life. e dgy neon portrait photoshoot london

paris ricci soho london cyberpunk photoshoot urban geisha
Paris Ricci

Neon photoshoot in London Chinatown and Soho

There's something undeniably mesmerising about the neon-lit streets of Chinatown and Soho. London As darkness descends, these neighbourhoods transform into a surreal landscape, where vibrant hues cast a spell on passersby. It's in this backdrop that the magic of the night begins, and as a photographer, I find endless inspiration in these electrifying streets. edgy neon portrait photoshoot london

paris ricci soho london cyberpunk photoshoot urban geisha
Paris Ricci

Step into a Cyberpunk Dream:

In my work, I delve into the vibrant streets of Soho, London, where I capture mesmerising portraits bathed in the enchanting glow of neon lights. Inspired by the 80s cyberpunk aesthetic and the visionary film "Blade Runner," my photography takes on a futuristic, dystopian essence.

Sarah Nisha soho london cyberpunk photoshoot urban geisha
Sara Nisha

Sarah Nisha soho london cyberpunk photoshoot urban geisha
Sara Nisha

Each portrait is a glimpse into a world where reality and imagination converge, offering a tantalising glimpse of how I envision people in the metaverse. Through careful composition and expert use of lighting, I create a visual narrative that transcends time and space.

Within this cyberpunk realm, my subjects exude an otherworldly quality, their personas seemingly shaped by a digital cosmos. The interplay of shadows and neon hues adds depth and mystery, amplifying the futuristic allure of the scenes I capture.

A Glimpse into the Future:

As I explore the boundaries of fine art portraiture, I seek to bridge the gap between the tangible and the virtual. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to my vision, I unveil a world where identities blur, and the boundaries of physicality dissolve.

My work serves as a glimpse into a future where technology and humanity intersect, where the Metaverse becomes an extension of our existence. Through my lens, I invite viewers to reflect on the profound implications of our evolving relationship with technology and the potential transformation of our identities in a digitised world.

Capturing the Cinematic Essence

What makes a photograph truly cinematic? It's more than just the composition; it's about capturing a moment that tells a story. In the cinematic world of Chinatown and Soho, I see every alleyway and street corner as a potential scene from a movie. The neon lights become my spotlight, and the people who walk these streets become the stars of my narrative.

The Art of Night Photography

Nighttime photography presents unique challenges and opportunities. The limited light sources force me to get creative with my equipment and settings. I often use a combination of long exposures and careful framing to create striking visuals. The result? Portraits that pop against the dark canvas of the city.

Neon Noir Portraits

What defines a neon-noir portrait? It's the interplay of shadows and light, the juxtaposition of vivid colours against the darkness, and the sense of mystery that pervades each frame. In the heart of London's Chinatown and Soho, this aesthetic comes to life. The neon signs cast a surreal, almost otherworldly glow on my subjects, transforming them into characters from a cyberpunk tale.

night neon noir edgy photoshoot budapest with kati hidegh

London After Midnight

London is a city that never truly sleeps. Its streets are alive with people from all walks of life, and this diversity is reflected in the portraits I capture. From locals savouring late-night delicacies to tourists exploring the vibrant nightlife, the streets of Chinatown and Soho are a melting pot of personalities waiting to be immortalised.

Book a night, neon-noir portrait session in London

Step into my visionary realm, where cyberpunk aesthetics, neon lights, and human essence converge to create a captivating exploration of the Metaverse and the future of humanity itself.

The Process

Prior to our meeting, we will discuss all the details, from clothing and locations to your expectations. On the day, we will sit down for coffee so I can get to know you better and understand how we can work together and the best way I can direct you. I will tailor the locations and props according to your personality. Then, we will head to the streets to capture the photos of a lifetime. Are you ready to become iconic? Well, then don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to be a part of the 80's cyberpunk magic. Contact me today to reserve your spot and capture your own slice of cinematic brilliance. Your cinematic adventure begins here, and I'm excited to be your guide!

Book Now 1,5 hour portrait photo session from £200 for 15 images

Whatsapp: +44 7481 3017 97

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