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The Banksy Tunnel

Updated: Aug 6

The Banksy Tunnel, located in London's Waterloo area, has been a hotbed of creativity and artistic expression since street artist Banksy transformed it into a canvas for graffiti art in 2008. Over the years, the tunnel has attracted artists from all over the world, who have used its walls to create vibrant, thought-provoking works of art. One photographer who has captured the ever-evolving graffiti art at the Banksy Tunnel is Tunde Valiszka, whose Banksy Tunnel Collection is a stunning series of photographs shot from the same spot once per year, beginning in 2018.

banksy tunnel leake street london by tunde valiszka

Valiszka's collection is a testament to the power of street art, showcasing the creativity and expression of the artists who have used the tunnel to make a statement. The photographs capture the intricate details and textures of the graffiti art, as well as the mood and atmosphere of the tunnel itself. What's particularly striking about the collection is that each photograph is shot from the same spot, creating a unique and compelling reflection of the ever-changing nature of the art and the space.

banksy tunnel leake street london by tunde valiszka

The Banksy Tunnel Collection is not just a series of photographs; it's a journey through time and space. As you move through the collection, you see the evolution of the art, the changes in the tunnel, and the shifting mood and energy of the space. Valiszka's photographs are vivid and striking, with a cinematic quality that draws the viewer in and captures their imagination.

banksy tunnel leake street london by tunde valiszka

If you're a fan of street art or photography, the Banksy Tunnel Collection is a must-see. It's a powerful reflection of the transformative nature of art, and the way it can change our perceptions of the world around us. Valiszka's photographs are a testament to the power of creativity and expression, and a celebration of the vibrant, ever-changing world of street art.

Portraits of the Banksy Tunnel

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