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  • Tunde Valiszka


Tunde Valiszka photographer who has made a name for herself with her stunning visual style and unique approach to her craft. In recent years, Valiszka has collaborated with Jagermeister on a number of projects, creating a series of striking images that have helped to define the brand's image and reach audiences around the world.

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One of Valiszka's most notable projects with Jagermeister was the "Save the Night" campaign, which aimed to support nightlife venues and artists in the wake of the pandemic. Through her photography, Valiszka captured the energy and excitement of the night, using a combination of neon lights, dark shadows, and reflective surfaces to create images that were both visually stunning and emotionally powerful.

Valiszka's work for the "Save the Night" campaign was a huge success, generating buzz and excitement across social media and helping to raise awareness of the challenges facing nightlife culture. The campaign also led to a number of other initiatives, including a festival organised by Valiszka that brought together artists from different disciplines to celebrate the power of nightlife.

Save The Night Festival

The "Save the Night" festival was an incredible event, with 11 DJs, 7 photographers, 3 tattoo artists, and a graffiti artist all participating. The festival showcased the incredible talent and creativity of these artists, and helped to create a sense of community and solidarity among those who work in nightlife.

What's more, thanks to Valiszka's hard work and dedication, the festival was able to raise an impressive 7,000 euros, which were then shared among the participating artists. This was an incredible achievement, and a testament to the power of collaboration and community.

By bringing together such a diverse group of artists, Valiszka was able to create a unique experience that celebrated the best of nightlife culture. From the music and photography to the tattoos and graffiti, the festival was a true expression of the creativity and passion that drives the nightlife scene.

Overall, Tunde Valiszka's work for Jagermeister is a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity. Through her photography and her festival, Valiszka has helped to define the brand's image and values, while also supporting and celebrating the artists and communities that make nightlife culture so special. Her work is an inspiration to photographers and artists everywhere, and a reminder of the incredible impact that art and creativity can have on the world.

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