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My Trip to Havana: Embracing Synchronicity According to Carl Jung Travel Blog

Travelling alone is being who I am. For over a decade now, I have embarked on solitary journeys, traversing the world's streets with my camera in hand. It has become my thing, my escape, my catalyst for spiritual growth—my own 'el Camino. Travel Blog Cuba Havana

Havana Cuba Vintage Car
Havana Cuba Vintage Car

Photography has been my faithful companion throughout these adventures, serving as a tool for self-expression, meditation, and healing. There's something profoundly meaningful about capturing the essence of a place through the lens, freezing moments in time that will never be repeated.

Havana Cuba Vintage Car

For years, I found myself in a state of inspiration, exploring new landscapes, cultures, and faces, each frame telling a unique story. But as the sands of time shifted, I began feeling adrift, disconnected, and somewhat nihilistic. It was then that I realised I needed to break away from the familiar, from the comfort of routine, and embrace the unknown.

Travelling solo allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, confront my fears and uncertainties, and delve deep into the recesses of my being. In these foreign lands, I faced challenges head-on, discovering resilience, courage, and a profound sense of self-reliance.

But amidst the bustling streets and fascinating encounters, I also found solitude—the kind that brings moments of stillness, where the mind can wander, and the soul can speak. It is in these quiet interludes that I experienced spiritual growth, coming face to face with my innermost desires and aspirations.

Destination: Havana

Havana Cuba Hotel Inglaterra

When I decided to venture to Havana, it was not merely another destination on my map, but a pilgrimage to the heart of my artistic and personal evolution. I sought the vibrant soul of the city, its pulsating energy, and the rhythm of life that danced through its streets.

Havana Cuba Architecture

I had a purpose—to document the underground art scene and street art that resonated with my own creative spirit. Havana's allure had beckoned me, echoing the whispers of Ernest Hemingway's connection to this enchanting place. I knew there was something extraordinary awaiting me there

My last trip to Havana was a truly spiritual experience. At the beginning of this year, I found myself out of inspiration, feeling empty and nihilistic. I knew I had to break up with my old self and get lost to rediscover and reinvent myself. Travelling alone has always been my way of stepping out of my comfort zone and reconnecting with my true self. Photography, in particular, holds deep meaning for me. It serves as my meditation, aids in my healing journey, and helps me process my emotions.

As I set foot on Cuban soil, I felt a sense of liberation and excitement—the kind that only comes from following one's passion. Little did I know that this journey would lead me to more than just captivating photographs; it would introduce me to people who would forever leave their imprint on my heart.

Navigating Havana alone can be challenging, especially as I don't know many people there. Fortunately, a friend of a friend of mine, Daniel, a super sweet Cuban guy, came to my aid. He became my "fixer" in Cuba, assisting me with various things, such as organising my apartment, exchanging money, and helping me navigate the streets, which, as a non-Cuban-looking female, I found somewhat unsafe.

During our time together, I shared my photography project with Daniel. Coincidentally, he knew two artists, Juan, a Mexican film director, and Patty, his wife, a Cuban artist, both deeply connected to the Havanese underground art scene. They lived only a few minutes walk from my apartment. We decided to meet them and share some rum, and we instantly connected on various levels, from music and films to favourite film directors and visual artists.

The next morning, I had to get a Cuban sim card and queue for hours to get internet access to ease my family and friends' worries. While connected, I noticed a message on my Couchsurfing app, which I always set to public to connect with locals. The message was from Patty and Juan, sent a day before my arrival, inviting me to say hi if I was ever around. My response to them was, "Hey guys, I've just been to your house last night." It was an incredible coincidence that paved the way for a lasting friendship. cuba havana travel blog

With a population of 2.1 million people in Havana, the odds of such a meeting seemed infinitesimally small. The concept of synchronicity, as described by Jung, comes to mind here. He referred to synchronicity as an "acausal connecting principle" where events in the external world align with an individual's experiences, often mirroring personal thoughts or concerns.

Meeting Juan and Patty was the serendipitous turning point that made my trip to Havana truly worthwhile. They opened the doors to a hidden world of artistic wonders, taking me on a journey through the city's best locations for street art.

Through Juan and Patty's connections, I had the privilege of meeting some of the most talented and innovative artists in Havana. Their stories and artistic visions opened my eyes to new perspectives, inspiring me to capture their essence through my lens.

As I documented the stunning street art and connected with local artists, I realized that my trip had transcended mere photography. It became an immersion into the profound sense of artistry and community that thrived within Havana's dynamic streets.

Havana Cuba vintage cars street photography by tunde valiszka

For me, coincidences and reflections are fundamental patterns in my photography. Street photography, in particular, revolves around capturing meaningful coincidences. To achieve exceptional street photos, I believe one needs to be in sync with oneself, allowing for introspection that enables the recognition and capture of external coincidences.

Havana Cuba vintage cars street photography by tunde valiszka

The next blog piece will be about the underground art scene of Havana.

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